About Us

Our Origin Story

N Some Media was formally established in 2023, but our passion for helping businesses began in 2013.

Throughout our time helping our founder helped businesses create sales systems, document management systems for enterprise clients.

Many challenges and triumphs have provided us with the skills we need to help your business scale the way you want to.

Our unique mix of skills, values, and passion collectively contribute to your success.

  • We prioritize mutual growth.

  • We constantly evolve alongside you.

  • We reflect on your triumphs as our own.

Our Mission

At N Some Media, we aim to empower mission-driven, customer-centric small businesses.

By creating conversion-focused funnel ecosystems that transform leads into loyal customers.

We create long-term partnerships. These partnerships promote mutual growth.

Our focus is to understand and address our client's specific needs.

We believe in a win-win approach. We commit to sustained success and constant evolution with our clients.

Our success is a reflection of our client's triumphs.

Our Values


We deliver high-quality, consistent services that align with your expectations.


We adapt to your needs and market changes, keeping you up-to-date and relevant.


We use challenges as opportunities for us to learn and grow in our business.

A Little Bit About Our Founder

I am a devoted father. I have three precious children. Two have passed away too soon.

During the day, my engineering mind solves problems with my team.

At night, I channel my creative spirit when building conversion-focused funnels.

I have a unique blend of skills that can help small businesses like yours.

In the vast spectrum of life, I am a:

  • Humble father

  • Dedicated engineer

  • An eager learner

  • Passionate architect of business dreams

Your success is my driving force, your growth, my reward.

Together, we can scale your business the way you always dreamed of.

We bridge the gap between you and your dream customers so you can save time and realize your goals.

Business Address:

5547 Mahoning Ave., #327, Austintown OH, 44515

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